While Magic has succeeded in becoming the preferred passenger carrier, both in upcountry and in major towns and cities, with the introduction of the all-new Tata Magic Iris, Tata Motors endeavours to revolutionise the last mile public passenger transport in India. The small and sturdy 4-5 seater Magic Iris promises its passengers and operators a safe, comfortable, profitable and stylish way to travel. Magic Iris comes with an all-new power train, spacious cabin, stylish interiors and car like attractive exterior, at the same time, keeping the overall dimensions compact and price tag affordable.


  • Model :
  • D+CD+2/D+CD+3
  • Price :
  • Engine Types :
  • single cylinder, naturally aspirated, direct injection water-cooled
  • Engine Capacity :
  • 9.3 kW (!2.5 HP) @ 3000 r/min,38 Nm @ 1200 - 1800 r/min
  • Transmission :
  • 4+R Manual
  • Engine :
  • 611 cm3,diesel engine